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History. Leonor’s Pride started in 1995. Established by Mrs. Leonora Ramos. Who started cooking at a very young age and discovered that there’s a magical secret in her cooking skills. Mrs. Ramos grew up in Brgy. Santolan, Palayan City. She loves to prepare a different kind of dish for her son who is very close to her heart. One day, her son told her to start a business so people can also taste her mother’s meat products. In the year 1995, Mrs. Ramos decided to start a small and simple business in their Brgy. She started with just four products and now selling more than four delicious food. Since then, her business starting to have a name in their barangay. And now, she also owned the famous and trusted catering business here in Palayan, Leonora’s Catering.

And later on, have gain credibility and trust in the city. Both Leonor’s Product and Leonora’s Catering who was owned by Mrs. Leonora Ramos is now considered as one of the talk-of-town businesses in Palayan. The owner was humbled and happy to meet the needs of Palayanos and other people in terms of products and services.

And now, her meat products finally have a website named Also has a facebook page, a twitter account @leonorpride and of course, an Instagram account, leonors_pride.