The woman who started the Leonor's Pride  and have a magical secret in cooking skills.
Leonor’s Pride -The woman who started the Leonor’s Pride and owned a magical secret in cooking skills.

Leonor’s Pride started in 1995. Established by Mrs. Leonora Ramos. Who started cooking at a very young age and discovered that there’s a magical secret in her cooking skills. Since then, her business starting to have a name in their barangay. And later on, have gain credibility and trust in the city.

Her food business became stable.  The recipe she used is consistent for a long time. And the people began to become familiar with the taste of her traditionally made meat products. It is a far way different among other meat products . Where the preparation of these food is accompanied by the love and care of a mother.

Over time, people found them dependable because of their delicious, clean and safe food. Every time she made this product, she made it from her heart so it is not surprising if it becomes comforting in the hearts of every person who eats her homemade meat products.

Because of her hard work, perseverance, passion and culinary skills, the growth of her business has become predictable, trusted and a talk-of town homemade meat products in Palayan City, Nueva Ecija. 

Leonor’s Pride aims to meet everyone in a cloud-9 trip. It is our goal to see our customers wearing their smiles as they savor the taste of our different meat products.

This business is for healthier diet. We produce a cleaner, trusted and a mouth-watering products where people can expect their imagination into reality. We accept retailer, wholesaler and direct buyers.

In total, Leonor’s Pride is hoping that through this business people will enjoy the Filipino food that originally made by us.

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